The All Important First Entry

Okay, bear with me – I have been wanting to start a blog, but I just don’t know where to start!  So, I have decided to start by introducing the family!
First, there’s Rob – he’s the dad, and my husband, duh!
Then along came Emma – She’s 11 and showing it everyday!
Next was Abby – She will be 9 in April and everyday pokes her head a little further out of her shell.
Surprise!  There was Olivia!  She just turned 5 and announced she no longer likes the things she did when she was 4.
And then, there’s me – I’m Deanna, the mom, the wife, the teacher, the blogger.
Okay, seriously, this is NOT how I usually pose.  Really, it’s not!
Oh, wait, I can’t forget all of the pets – –
Winnie the Dachshund  – she will be a ripe old 13 in June.
Milly the Maltipoo – She was Emma’s 10th birthday gift and will be 2 in June.
Panzy the Guinea Pig – She’s Abby’s and is a little over 1 – she looks great when we shave her!!!!  (Pictures coming soon)
Fred and Harold the African Water Frogs – They don’t move much, but they are kind of cute!  (Do you really need a picture of a frog?)
And so it starts . . .

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