Daddy’s girls!!

   I got some bad news this past week that required me to leave town to go to a funeral. I had to drive to Nashville so that my friend Amy could take care of the girls so I could fly to NY to meet my sister and then drive to VT. All that to say that Rob would not be seeing his girls for almost a week, so he told them he wanted to take us out to breakfast before we left town. We eat out quite often but somehow this time seem more special since he said I don’t care where we eat as long as I’m with my girls (they picked IHOP). They jumped out of bed that morning and got dressed right away! They wanted to look pretty for daddy…Olivia even let Emma put her hair in a pony tail (and she kept it in until we got home from breakfast!).

Oh, here goes mom with the camera again!

On The Road!

    I think it is fun to give my camera to the girls and ask them to take some pictures and then see what kind of pictures we end up with. This time it was Abby as we were driving to Nashville.

She was most excited about this picture because of all the different color trucks.
Abby favorite “most comfortable ” dress.
Emma’s monkey tropical

Olivia’s First Pedicure!

    While I was gone Amy took the girls to get a pedicure. The Emma and Abby told Amy that she must take picture or mom would kill her since it was Olivia’s first (they crack me up!!). So here are the pictures she took…

 And then there were the dogs!!!!!

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