Dunkin Donuts opens in Johnson City

We went to the opening of DD this morning. The girls had a “great idea” to get up early and be the first customers. We all got up at 5am and left around 20 after. Sadly we were not first, we were about 30th…but Emma said at least they were the first kids. Our pictures also made it on www.tricities.com .

Waiting for daddy to get in the car !

It was windy and COLD!!

                     The donuts all lined up and ready for us.

We each got a coffee cup and the girls each got a frisbee.



3 thoughts on “Dunkin Donuts opens in Johnson City

  1. Getting up at 5am to go to dunkin donuts probably makes you two the best parents on the planet! Not many parents would do that for their kids… And you were not only awake you were also with it enough to bring your camera!

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