My Sweet Emma

Emma has a style all her own…I admire her for not caring what other people think (not in a rebellious way) She loves to make us laugh 🙂

Her daddy calls her junior, because she looks a bit like me and a lot of what comes out of her mouth sounds just like me.

It is neat to see how the Lord made a perfect mixture of Rob and I…She may look like me and sound like me but she makes so many facial expressions that make her look like her daddy. And she is built just like him…not only that but she stands, sits, and runs just like him !

She is my oldest child but will most likely be the smallest. She is a great big sister…she plays and takes care of her younger sisters.

Babies and animals are drawn to her because of her patience and calmness…
She Loves to hula hoop…
Jump on the trampoline…
and play soccer.
My prayer for her (and all my girls) is that their faith and trust in the Lord grows and gets stronger every day. And that she keeps her innocence and faith of a child as the world seeps in.

2 thoughts on “My Sweet Emma

  1. Great set of pictures. This shows off Emma quite nicely. Please don't grow up. The caption of the last photo sums it up.

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