Junk Food Junkies!

Each year the girls like to do a theme for there their costumes. We started joking with Olivia that she should be a Pringles can because she loves them so much…and then she began telling people this is what she was going to be foe Halloween (because you know starting October 1st that is the question everyone every where starts asking your children).
So here we have a cupcake sitting on a plate on a table and a can of Pringles and a donut…

                                               with sprinkles!


                 She was a red velvet cupcake with cream-cheese frosting 
                                           and sprinkles 


                                 The lid topped off the costume.

                                         Before the mustache.


           Her can says whip cream and onion because that is what she calls them…She said they are not sour at all so she will not call them sour cream and onion!

                      And the babies could not be left out…

                                Ester was an ice cream cone…

                                        Bilpus was an Oreo…

                              Beasley was a Hershey kiss…

                              William was a candy corn.

                            Bitty was a box of cookies…

                             Penelope was a Reeses cup

And then Emma made Milly an M&M! 
It is a tradition to go trick or treating in our neighborhood with the Leake boys (who live next door to us)

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