Thanksgiving 2011 (I’m just a bit behind)

I was going to skip to the present but when I was looking though my pictures I felt sad to skip over the holidays. There is so much tradition during this that time of year and I wanted to take the time to share. There have been things we have done since the girls were babies and some new things we home to make into a tradition.

For many years (I think since we have been at this Outback) we have had a thanksgiving dinner with the employees. Rob makes the turkey and gravy and everyone signs up to bring a dish. Rob is traditionally late…if he tells everyone we will eat at 1:00 he may get the turkey on the table by 1:30 🙂 This year, one of the Outbackers made these neat turkeys made of Oreos and candy, so cute! The girls loved them

And then there were the traditional foods (some not so traditional)

Now this is what a Thanksgiving plate should look like.

This is what Emma, Abby and Olivia’s plates look like 🙂
Another tradition we have is that each girl has to try a piece of turkey every year actually it has turned into a bite.
This is Emma taking her one bite (crumb) for the year…
 Sorry she ate it so fast I missed it she was already with the drink 🙂
Now for a few new traditions (if you can call them that since they are new)…
I ran (jogged) in the Turkey Trot
a ton of people were there

I just happened to meet my friend Mellisa there.

And of course there was the turkey 🙂

The girls made a center piece that ended up to big to go in the middle of the table.
I’m not sure if eating a later dinner is a tradition or not but we don’t usually end up eating until after 5:00.
Olivia was having a hard time waiting 🙂
That is it for Thanksgiving. Christmas will be soon.

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